Probiotics Benefits For Men

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Probiotics play a major role by balancing the gut bacteria and provide many health benefits. They can be great for digestive health, weight loss, immune function, and more. Probiotics are equally important for men, women, and kids. It has some universal benefits regardless of age and gender, like gut health, weight management, skin health, teeth health, etc. However, it has some gender-specific benefits, too, like for men. It can help maintain testosterone levels, improves sexual health, and more.

Probiotic Benefits For Men

Scroll down to get a detailed guide on how probiotics benefit men in several ways.

Healthy testosterone levels

According to studies, men experience a decrease in testosterone levels naturally at 30. That is an important hormone for fertility and sperm production. Studies claim that probiotics intake can help increase testosterone levels. At the same time, it can maintain normal sex hormones, and as a result, it improves sperm quality.

This is connected to sexual health because suboptimal testosterone levels directly impact libido. Conversely, an increase in testosterone can level up your sex impulses. Not limited to this, testosterone also balances muscle mass and strengthens your bone density. In addition, it helps in the production of red blood cells.

Sexual Health

It is important to have healthy levels of serotonin for proper erectile function. Serotonin also helps improve your mood and sleep. Even though there’s no direct link between probiotics and sexual health in men, enhancing serotonin can certainly help boost erectile function in men.

Prostate Health

Although the research is still in the initial phase to study the effects of probiotics on prostate health in men, there is some evidence showing positive results in this regard.

Other Benefits

In addition to this, probiotics can benefit men in the following ways.

  • It supports the digestion system and improves bowel function movement.
  • It helps in maintaining weight.
  • It regulates mood and sleep.
  • It improves metabolic health.

Heart Health

Men mostly face cardiovascular diseases, and the most common challenges to maintaining a healthy heart are excessive drinking and smoking. However, taking probiotics can assist in keeping your heart healthy as your age grows.

Probiotics do not correlate with heart health directly because of the concept that bacteria do not correlate with the heart. Nevertheless, studies show that probiotic supplements intake regularly can assist in maintaining good cholesterol and maintaining your blood pressure at healthy levels.

Mental Health

Probiotics are also helpful in managing mental health conditions because many researchers associate gut health with mood and mental health. Many studies on animals and humans show that probiotics can heal mental health disorders.

Taking approximately 100 grams of probiotic yogurt daily is equal to taking a daily probiotic capsule, and it can benefit mental disorders, including stress, depression, anxiety, etc.

Patients who take probiotic supplements for about 8 weeks can reduce depression levels and decrease C-reactive protein, a marker of inflammation. Also, it maintains hormones like insulin.

Urinary Health

Probiotics are also associated with the urinary system because they can keep your urinary system healthy if you take probiotics. Probiotics intake can be beneficial in addressing urinary issues like urinary tract infections and more. In addition, when you maintain a gut microbiome, it can also stop urinary issues even before they arise.

Digestive Disorders

Digestive disorders are highly common these days with more than one million people in the US alone suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases, including Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative colitis. There are two types of probiotics related to Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus strains that help maintain symptoms of ulcerative colitis.

However, probiotics are beneficial for bowel disorders and may treat irritable bowel syndrome. They can also decrease the risk of necrotizing enterocolitis by 50%.

Help Weight Loss

Some studies have proved this. However, some studies are still in process. Having said that, evidence suggests that probiotic supplements can help your body burn fat faster resulting in weight loss.

Certain Allergies

Another benefit of probiotic intake is decreasing the chance of unwanted food particles getting into your bloodstream, which happens by firming your gut barrier. It is important to note that if food particles enter your bloodstream, the immune system may identify them as harmful attackers that can result in creating an immune response.

This response can be in the form of nausea, inflammation, digestive discomfort, skin rash, stomachache, headache, etc. In this case, it can lead to allergic symptoms that happen because of the immune system’s overreaction.

So, probiotics play a major role in balancing a healthy immune system that protects against allergies, including skin issues, food intolerances, etc.

Additionally, probiotic bacteria can protect against embellished inflammation processes and autoimmune diseases that happen because of IL-10.

Bone Health

Some bacteria in our body are beneficial that maintain our intestinal health. These bacteria help our gut to ingest easily with the help of probiotics. In addition, it helps to absorb all nutrients we need and defecate all waste. Moreover, probiotics help our body to get minerals and vitamins that can maintain our bone health.


Digestive distress and diarrhea are common problems that a lot of men suffer from and they may happen because your gut bacteria is out of balance. If you suffer from diarrhea occasionally, it counts as a normal thing. But if it is something that you suffer from quite often, then probiotics can certainly help you recover.

Probiotics for Men

Probiotics provide good support to the body because they can be helpful alone. You need to ensure that you take most of your microbes by taking a healthy diet. There are many options to maintain your gut health, like dietary changes and probiotic supplements.

Not limited to this, you also need to take some important considerations into account like the following:


Exercise is one of the most important factors that can increase beneficial bacteria in your body. So, take exercise regularly. Play games that require physical activity like running.

Spend Time in Natural Environment

The natural environment has many health benefits and spending time in nature that supports your microbiome. You can go camping, play games, take a walk, and more.

Avoid Things That Reduce Microbiome

Antibiotics can help fight against bad bacteria, but overtaking them can harm your health. So, it is better to take organic food rather than organic treatment whenever you fall ill.

Take Enough Fiber

Microbes also need some food to eat, and they are likely to eat prebiotic fiber. You can increase your fiber intake by including prebiotic powder in your diet, and that can be possible through protein intake, and you can mix them in coffee.

More importantly, taking care of your health properly may be equal to taking probiotic supplements.

Should Men Take Probiotics?

Studies show that men should take probiotics. In addition, it is also not easy to identify the exact need for suboptimal gut balance or GI needs. If you face any uncertain health conditions, you need to concern with the doctor.

Bottom Line

Overall, probiotics can provide multiple health benefits in form of food and supplements. Mainly, probiotics help support men’s prostate health, increasing sperm counts and testosterone levels, boosting the immune system, and improving mental health.

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